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Buffyverse and Beyond - nmcil12
Banner - Buffyverse Christmas Presents 
22nd-Dec-2017 01:08 pm [banners, buffy fan art, james marsters, manips, nmcil12, spike]
Treat yourself to a Buffyverse Christmas Present - What Buffyverse merchandise did you get this year?  For Christmas I treated myself to the 20th Anniversary boxed set along with the full set of the 20th Anniversary Reunion EW magzine covers.  And, I actually came across a set of Buffy - Spike wrist watches on ebay and for super good price.  These watches seldom come up for sale - maybe now they will start showing up, but not an item that comes up often.  And to have it be Spike&Buffy, even nicer as I am a huge Spuffy fan.  I've had a Spike watch that I purchased long time ago.  Anyway - have yourself a wonderful Christmas and treat yourself to some Buffyverse merc.

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