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Buffyverse and Beyond - nmcil12
Buffy 20th Anniversary - Graphics 
WOW - who would have thought that 20 years later the Buffyverse fandom and so many of the originals viewers would still be so active and connected with such high degree of respect and love for this great series.  I've been watching and loving Buffy since the first season and I have even more admiration now and an especial admiration for what came to be known as Spuffy.  I love the grand journey that Buffy and Spike took together in the series and as much as I love the entire series it's Buffy & Spike and the journey of transformation best of all.  I don't think that I would still be such a huge fan were it not for this relationship and the story that Joss Whedon and his writers along with the performances by Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters.

Here are two of my Buffy 20th Anniversary graphics that are for Buffy - Hope you like them.  Please, feel free to snag if you want, I left space at the bottom for you to add your own quotes or text.

BT_IconFaces copy.jpg

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