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Buffyverse and Beyond - nmcil12
Halloween Graphics 
1st-Nov-2011 06:33 am

I love this scene - Angel and Spike were great together in season 5 -

1st-Nov-2011 12:36 pm (UTC)
HAH! That is fabulous! I can totally see Spike and Angel having this conversation.
2nd-Nov-2011 05:41 am (UTC)
Thanks for taking a look - I loved there scene on the plane - appreciate your visit.
1st-Nov-2011 08:48 pm (UTC)
Great expressions. I love Spike and Angel in season 5!
2nd-Nov-2011 05:44 am (UTC)
I love these two together even in their Sunnydale time - there was something special about a Spike and Angel encounter - But in AtS, they really became a great pair -

Thank you for your visit -
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