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Buffyverse and Beyond - nmcil12
Spike Season 8 Glass Set 

Since those PTB over at Dark Horse have seen fit to exclude Spike from their Merchandise Campaign, I was so pissed  off that I went ahead a did a Spike WTF Glass Set for all the Spike Fans. 

Been reading over some of the comic books again - How many friggin pages did we need to see of the Space Frak - Really what total nonsense.  I had forgotten how much I disliked this entire issue - the whole Brad Meltzer arc was one huge disappointment and stupid.

Just take one little section from Giles while B&A are going at it full naked speed ahead:  "This isn't just the Earth's reaction" "It's how the Earth gives birth to a new reality"  If this is how Earth creates a new reality, how the blood hell did it come into being in the first place?  Were there another set of Buffy and Angel that came before?  Who the hell fraked Earth into existence in the first place?  And since the reason, again according to Giles that this is happening because Buffy and Willow created all these new Slayer that share the same characteristics with vampires - why are the Slayers dying  and being killed off if there are so vital to this new creation?  Are the Slayers now going to become mates for the vampires? 

I must be really stupid - I just don't get this at all.

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