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Buffyverse and Beyond - nmcil12
Buffy Season 8 
1st-Nov-2010 07:46 pm [angel, buffy, joss whedon, season 8, spike]

Here is an interesting visual from "Reign Of Fire"  -  I think that Geroges Jeanty used elements of this film in his drawings for the series - the dreamscape images for Buffy show  similar arched brick walls - the Jo Chen drawings also show similar arched walls in the "Always Darkest" online issue. 

More than "Alien Resurrection" it is the dragon Eggs from "Reign Of Fire" that remind me of the visual "Red Seed" - It's the dragon inside that breaks out of its birth vessel that reminds me of Lion Griffin. It looks like Georges Jeanty referenced the arched walls in Buffy's dreamscapes as well as this birth vessels-Red Seed for his Magic Force. Another very interesting parallel with ROF is the connection to the hour of twilight. In the film this time space is referred to as "the magic hour" - it is the hour when the dragon is most vulnerable, when it has lost its ability to focus. The theme of "lost visions" and "lost hope and faith" is what I think of.

If Buffy and Angel are playing the metaphorical "First Father" and "General Mother" - they are indeed in for some very bad times ahead. Especially Angel/Twangel, who if this turns out to be a Jossian inversion of "the Temptation, Fall and Garden of Eden." This could be one of the reasons that Buffy is used to make a point of their "Cosmic Sex" as being both outside and yet herself - she plays the role of Adam going along with the sweet words of Eve.

I also think that The Master will play a very big role in the finale - he seems to be wearing a false face or is another "vessel" that is being used the whatever force is really controlling events. There is not any time to waste text space anymore and the references to his face by both himself and Buffy has to be a vital element in what is coming.
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