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Buffyverse and Beyond - nmcil12
Graphics - Buffy Season Eight 
10th-May-2010 02:04 pm

Something that I worked up for the Spike Arrives in issue 35 -  Since Buffy is wearing three timepieces on her wrist  Time Travel and Dimensional Rifts and Dreamspaces must play an important part in the Joss Whedon resolution phase.  Spike arrival and his "enough of this" more than anything reminded me of the General's remarks when Darth Vader has the military leader in his grip and is chocking him.

Of now to paint and watch the original film version of the Shangrila/Twilight "Lost Horizons" Tibetan story.

Please post any comments you have about how the Spike entrance was handled or anything you want to say about this issue. 
Large Original:  http://pics.livejournal.com/nmcil12/pic/0002rqtx

It's not that Buffy and Angel/Twangel had sex, Buffy's a big girl now, it is totally about this Lover's Big Reunion under these particular circumstances.  And the premise that he is not responsible for the deaths, IMVHO, is like saying the generals and political leaders that make wars and lead a war are not responsible for the deaths because they do not actually fire the weapons - it is their  field warriors that do all the killing.  If this is going to be the working premise for getting Angel/Twangel and his "keeping the numbers low" than something really is rotten in Buffyverse.  Joss Whedon has some serious shit to clean up in his resolution phase. 

"she must have a responsibility to call Angel on his actions now that she has thrown off the effects of the mysterious glow! In other words, she needs to ask Why the hell did you kill my slayers you miserable son of a bitch! or something along those lines."

My final assessment of this entire comic book season and the current state of the Buffyverse will be based on how this is handled -

It appears to be that Giles will be playing a major role and that he has had been playing that role from the start.  At the end of his assassination plot against Roden and GiGi, he tells Faith that he knows the war is coming and Twangel, in the next page, states that those two characters were his targets.  Now either Giles has made contact with other Power Players or he too was being manipulated by Twangel.  Both Giles and Angel/Twangel have a lot of questions regarding the actions.

Back to the Spike "forgiveness" question; the circumstances with Angel/Twangel will, IMO, all depend on if there is "free choice" involved.  Was Angel/Twangel given a choice to take one path or another.  The same holds true for Buffy, just before all the "glo" she was clearly shown as completely ready to kill the person whom she felt was responsible for killing those Slayers and the war against the slayers.  The moral and ethical questions and how they are applied to this story and the continuing relationship between Buffy and Angel/Angelus are going to be significant for a great many readers and fans. 
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