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Buffyverse and Beyond - nmcil12
March 25th, 2018 
Last is one for the Sunnydale witches - Hope you enjoy my tribute to the Buffyverse women -

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Buffy and the real life grand women heroes that changed the power and lives of women and people - We Owe Them Much.


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After all these years - for me, the most powerful message for the women of the series and for Spike and some of the male characters as well as viewers was how they ended the series - AND THEN the comic book season 8, IMO, laid waste to this message for Buffy with the betrayal of the Lovers Reunion and GSF. 

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Just about my favorite lady of the series - I really liked Tara - she was such a contrast to the powerful Slayers and the powerful Willow.  Of all the female characters Tara would have been the person I would have wanted to have as a friend.

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Late but don't want to not pay tribute to the USA Women's History Month - some of the women of the Buffyverse - the Good and the Bad.

The Two Not So Good and Evil - the ever beautiful Darla and Drusilla -

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