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Buffyverse and Beyond - nmcil12
Buffyverse Desktops - Wallpapers 
23rd-Jul-2007 08:43 am [angel, james marsters, joss whedon, spike]

Hi to any Buffyverse Fans that might run across my LJ - 

I have started a series of desktops-wallpapers based on the Buffy and Angel characters - First studies from Buffy and feature the 4 characters that hard the most difficult roads to travel:  Spike, Willow, Faith & Buffy:

These are design to fit 1600x1200 format - you can either save file to your own computer (they make very nice images to keep) or follow the links and right click to save as desktops - My suggestion is to save file to target so that you can adjust images to size you want - 

follow this link - from here you will have access to all of the Desktop-Wallpapers - click on the small sample for each character.  Each image has it's own page and instructions for how to save or set as background image - And visit my Whedon World Gallery to see some fine artwork from other Buffyverse artist fans -  Whedon World Gallery   www.whedonworld.com

LINK (willow picture will show) at my Flickr site - NMCIL ortiz domney


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