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Buffyverse and Beyond - nmcil12
Seasonal Spuffy Poetry Round 

here are a few of the Andalusian songs from the Federico Garcia Lorca "Deep Song and Other Prose" lectures
Garcia Lorca:  "The true poems of deep song belong to no one-they float in the wind like golden thistledown, and each generation dresses them in a different color and passes them on to the next.

Asturian song

Ah, I have lost the road
on this sad mountain.
Ah, I have lost the road.
Let me bring the sheep
for God's sake into your cabin;
in the thick clouds
I lost the road.
Let me spend the night
in the cabin with you.
I lost the road
in the mountain mist
Ah, I have lost the road.

Andalusian song

Out in the sea
was a stone,
and my girl sat down
to tell it her pains.

Only to the Earth
do I tell my troubles,
for there is no one in the world
whom I can trust.

Every morning I go
to ask the rosemary
if love's disease can be cured,
for I am dying.

Andalusian song

I climbed up the wall.
The wind answered me,
"why so many sighs,
if it is already too late?"

The breeze wept
when he saw the deep wounds
in my heart.

I fell in love with the air,
the air of a woman,
and since a woman is air,
in the air I stayed.

I am jealous of the breeze
that touches your face.
If the breeze were a man,
I would kill him.

I'm not afraid to row.
If I wanted to row I'd do it.
I'm just afraid of the wind
that comes out of your bay.
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