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Buffyverse and Beyond - nmcil12
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Hope you like -  my latest efforts on my Spike portrait studies.  Happy Valentine's Day - watch some Spike or Spuffy centric episode or Read one of your favorite Spuffy fanfiction Valentine's Day stories.

Valentine_HeartSpuffy copy.png

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Love and Good Wishes to all on this day to  celebrate your life and love with all your VERY Special People.  Hope you are enjoying the Olympics.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Shaun White on his quest for another medal and great performance -

As for Spuffy - I'm thinking  Buffy and Spike celebrating the Olympics by going out for an ice skating date -


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To all the Spuffy and Buffy and Spike fans - Wish you all a wonderful loved filled Valentine's Day - We need our Whedonverse Heroes to reflect what our Real World Needs.


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Treat yourself to a Buffyverse Christmas Present - What Buffyverse merchandise did you get this year?  For Christmas I treated myself to the 20th Anniversary boxed set along with the full set of the 20th Anniversary Reunion EW magzine covers.  And, I actually came across a set of Buffy - Spike wrist watches on ebay and for super good price.  These watches seldom come up for sale - maybe now they will start showing up, but not an item that comes up often.  And to have it be Spike&Buffy, even nicer as I am a huge Spuffy fan.  I've had a Spike watch that I purchased long time ago.  Anyway - have yourself a wonderful Christmas and treat yourself to some Buffyverse merc.

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