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Buffyverse and Beyond - nmcil12
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Here are Buffy and the Scoobs from the new Dark Horse series which began in June of 2016 with Freeks and Geeks.  How do you like the new Buffy and Scoobs and Giles?

Published by      Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s)              Faith Erin Hicks   &  Kel McDonald
Penciller(s)         Yishan Li
Cover artist(s)   Scott Fischer
Colorist(s)           Rod Espinosa

1-Buffy#3_Sides3-004 copy (1).jpg

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Let’s take a look at the original not substitute Buffy & the Scoobs of 1997 and the new Buffyverse of the Dark Horse High School Years comic books.


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Worked a long time today but managed to finish this Spuffy piece in time for the 20th Anniversary.  Hope you like my efforts and MUCH THANKS for your visit and feed back - very much appreciate both.  The flowers are a detail from one of my original works - this flower is symbolic of passion and love, fitting for Spuffy.

Happy Buffyverse anniversary.

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Here is the second graphic piece to pay tribute to Buffy on this 20th Anniversary.  I will be posting some Spuffy works later.  Hope you like my efforts and have a wonderful March 10 and watch some of your favorite Buffy episodes while you treat yourself to some of your favorite guilty pleasure food.


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